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To meet state requirements, PSS Driving School's Driver Education Course must include a minimum of:

  • 30 hours in the classroom
  • 6 hours behind-the-wheel
  • 1 hour in-car observation

What is the minimum age?

Students must be at least 15 years old by the first classroom session.

What is required to successfully pass the course?

To successfully pass the course, you must attend all class and drive sessions, not have more than three absences, complete all homework and readings, pass all written and drive tests with at least 80% or above, and complete supervised outside drive practice with a parent/guardian. All requirements must be completed by two months from the scheduled end date of the course to earn a Traffic Safety Education Certificate.

Classroom Sessions:

There is a total of 15 2-hour classroom sessions.

Our classroom phase covers ten modules including:

  • Uniting Driver & Vehicle
  • Knowing Where You Are
  • You Are In Control
  • Searching For LOS-POT's
  • You Control The Intersection
  • Space Management
  • The Deadly D's–Drinking, Drugs and Drowsy Driving
  • Interacting With Others
  • Practicing Your Skills
  • Managing Driver Vehicle and Environmental Risks
  • Putting It All Together

How many classroom sessions per week?

There are typically 2-3 classroom sessions per week. For more information on class days and times, view our schedule page.

How long is the overall course?

Depending on class schedule, the length of the course will vary (Typically runs 5-7 weeks). May take a couple weeks after the last scheduled classroom session to finish remaining drives and other course requirements.

Where is the class located?

Puyallup Classroom (Link to Directions)
Address: 10720 Woodland Ave E Puyallup WA 98373

Tacoma Classroom (Link to Directions)
Address: 11401 Steele St S Suite 106 Tacoma WA 98444


Behind-the-wheel Sessions:

There is a total of 6 behind-the-wheel sessions. Each session is scheduled for two students in the car, therefore, each student will get 1-hour of behind the wheel instruction and 1-hour of observation.

How are behind-the-wheel sessions scheduled?

Throughout the course students will schedule behind-the-wheel or drive sessions outside the normal scheduled classroom times. Weekday and weekend drives are available.

How do I get my instruction permit?

1. Sign up for a driver education course and automatically 10 days prior to the first scheduled classroom session you will be eligible to obtain your instructor permit from the DOL without having to take the DOL knowledge test.

2. If you are not signed up for driver education and are 15 1/2 years old you must take and pass a DOL knowledge test to receive your instruction permit.

For more information on getting a permit, visit the DOL website (Link)